Crochet Round Doilies with "Granny" Styles. Size from 4" round crochet doilies all the way to 18" Round Crochet Doilies. Made with "Old Fashions Heavy Cotton Yarns".

We carry so many sizes of the round crochet doilies.
Heavy weight crochet threads.
Sizes from 4″Round, 6″Round, 8″Round, 10″Round, 12″Round, 14″Round, 16″Round & 18″Round.

16″ Round & 18″ Round Crochets are big enough for table toppers.

Crochet Placemats / Table Toppers
16″ x 16″ Round Crochet Placemat,
18″ x 18″ Round Crochet Placemat.