Elegant crochet tablecloths

Beautiful Hand Made ” Granny Square” Design.
Crochet Tablecloth With Tassels

Crochet Tablecloths.
Festive Merlot Wine color & Every Green colors.
Rectangular Tablecloths
Several Sizes: 70″x90″, 70″x108″, 70″x126″ & 70″ x 144″. Handmade. All Cotton.

Round Crochet Tablecloth
72″ x 72″ Round.
Festive Merlot Wine color &
Every Green color.
All Cotton.

Extra Large Round
Crochet Tablecloths.
86″x 86″ Round Crochet Tablecloth
106″x 106″ Round Crochet Tablecloth.

Square Crochet Tablecloths
Merlot Wine Color,
Every Green Color.
36″x36″ Square.
45″ x 45″ Square.
54″ x 54″ Square.

36″ x 36″ Mini Crochet Tablecloth for End Tables.
Ecru color,
Every Green color &
Merlot Wine colors

Cotton Napkins with Crochet Edges.
Every Green Crochet Napkin
Merlot Color Crochet Napkin
White Crochet Napkin.

Round Crochet Doilies.
White & Wheat Color
Sizes are: 4″ Round, 6″Round, 8″ Round, 10″ Round, 12″ Round, 14″ Round, 16″ Round & 18″ Round.
16″  Round & 18″ Round can be used as a table toppers.

Heart Shape Crochet Doilies
Available Sizes are:  4″Hearts, 6″Hearts, 8″Hearts, 10″Hearts, 12″Hearts & 14″Hearts.
Available Colors: White color & Ecru Color.

Square Crochet Lace Doilies / Placmats. White & Wheat Colors.
4″ square crochet, 6″ square, 8″ square, 10″ square, 12″ square & 13″ square crochet lace.

Extra Large Round Crcohet Laces.
16″ Round Crcohet Tables Toppers. White & Wheat color
18″ Round Crochet Tables Topper. White & Wheat color.

Crochet Placemats
White & Wheat color crochet.

Crochet Table Runners
White Color Crochet Runner
Wheat Color Crochet Runner